About Our Laundry

A laundry story.  Bonjour blanchisserie, nice to see you again.  We at Hello Laverne! find how much chore doing laundry is.  We actually loved the idea of going to the laverie (French word for laundry). We remember after the Christmas holiday season of 2010 coming from an overseas trip with our huge bag filled with dirty laundry.  So it was time to go to a favorite shop nearby.  But it became a nuisance that day because there was a long line of people waiting for their turn.  On hindsight, this business must be good.  Hello Laverie! was born.


Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services. While we may like the finishing of a newly laundered garment, don't you always itch and your skin becomes dry.  We know our clothes are placed in a specialized machine with solvent and detergent.  Little did you know that many solvents and detergents can be harmful to your skin. The good news is that there are nontoxic cleaning alternatives that are just as effective.  Its about time to find a shop that had one. We at Hello Laverne! have eco-friendly solvents.

Our commitment to sustainability.  We thought of a concept that will deliver excellent customer service and eco-friendly cleaning and we at Hello Laverie! are committed to excellent customer experience and sustainability.

Hello Laverie! cares. Free pickup and delivery.  If you can't come to our any of our shops, we'll come to you.  Now available:  Self - service | DIY laundry at select shops.

Invitation to a plant visit for licensing or franchising inquiries.  Drop in at our specialist centre.  We're at Jeeves CPU, Lower Ground Floor, World Wide Corporate Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong 1550.


Email us at hellolaverie@outlook.com